TODAY’S DEVOTION (Thursday 19th December 2019)

“When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language, Judah became His sanctuary, and Israel His dominion.” Psalm 114:1-2 NKJV


I guess you are getting ready for the festive season. Christmas bells are already ringing. We have just five days to this global celebration. Some obviously take it out of the reason for the season into real Baal worship and other kind of things that match how the celebration started after all.

Obviously, the root of Christmas celebration was not godly. The ungodliness that started the festivity has always raised its ugly head at each celebration. But some of us are taking advantage of the season to either fast and pray, taking a deep refection on our walk and talk with GOD in the last 365 days. While some are using the period to reap souls into the kingdom of God.

Irrespective of your conviction about Christmas, it is important that the elects use the period to do the will of God in ways we have never done before. Let us use it to execute the great commission without omission. We should not touch the perversion that do come with it or just sit at the fence saying the root is ungodly. We should take advantage of the season to stop at lease few souls from sinking deep into hell.

Let us be an eternal blessing in the life of someone, who will use our preaching to tearfully come to the LORD like our fathers did in their days! The most accurate will of God for your life is not just to bless you but to make you a blessing. And one way we can be a blessing is by getting one more soul saved from the fist of hell.

Yes, God’s utmost desire is to display the riches of His mercies, the riches of His grace, and the riches of His glory in and through us. And when this display happens, we begin to see people coming to the LORD through us.


That brings me to the necessity of being a blessing to the lost around us. The best way to bring a blessing to the lost world around us is not to give them food as good as that is. The best way is to get them saved and sanctified and then filled with the Holy Spirit. Until that happens any generosity the lost receive from us is a loss and a very bad investment.

Now, we can never be a blessing until we come into the revelation of the three manifestations of the supernatural – in other words the three classes of things that the supernatural realm of God does in the lives of men. For those that may want to know, these things are the miraculous, the anointing, and the glory. Faith is the starting place of them all. If you come into the realm of faith, you can touch the anointing and the glory.

Now let us get deeper. I grew up hearing about faith. But the noise was so loud that I could not get the true meaning of faith. I remember buying books and getting nothing satisfactory on faith from them. But as I grew up, I began to get understanding of what faith truly is from my walk and talk with the LORD.

You see, there are things you will never understand in the Bible until you meet its author – the Holy Spirit. Among what I understood was this: faith brings the miraculous and the anointing. But to truly get and live in the glory you need both faith and the covenant.

But I have also discovered that most times, it does not take faith to step into the glory realm. It takes a faith that brings one into the covenant. The covenant ratified by sacrifice will bring the glory down. In other words, if God want His glory to show up in your life, He will give you the covenant to keep. It is easier to walk in faith than to walk in the covenant.


So many do not understand what the covenant is, leading to the rise of charlatans who use same word to rob people of their treasures and lead them into agreements with hell. But we must understand that the covenant is what makes us effective in the execution of God’s programs. It is a major force that makes us a blessing.

I have come to discover that it is a man in covenant that can unlock the miraculous and release blessings on others. A man in covenant is a man in proper order. He can activate the riches of God’s mercy by faith and bring the miraculous to people. He can also activate the riches of God’s grace because He is operating in the riches of His glory. I hope you understand me.

God want us to be a blessing to people not a burden. He wants you to come to the place of the covenant where you can operate in the riches of His glory and activate the riches of His mercies and the riches of His grace upon people. Sadly, many are burdens instead of a blessing to people.

So many church members and preachers are great burdens to many innocent souls. They activate a mess in people and make them lament through life. That is not the will of God.

I prefer being a blessing to people than needing miracles and becoming a burden. Being a blessing places one in a dimension where he or she will not need miracles. Miracles are needed by people in crisis. Being a blessing erase crisis in your life because it takes a blessed man to bless people. I hope you understand me. Please do not twist these truths to your destruction! There us so much to be unpacked from the lines of these devotionals but space and certain standard procedures will not allow that.


It summarized among other things, God’s way of bringing us into the realm of the riches of His glory where we become a blessing to those around us. The Bible says, “Judah was His sanctuary, and Israel His dominion”. In other words, God sat on them. When God sits on you, the riches of His glory will come upon you.

When the riches of His glory come upon you, you can activate the riches of His mercies and the riches of His grace upon others and bring them out of damnable circumstances. You can turn battles to the gate and become a blessing to those around you.

The best way to wrap up this devotional word is to show you how God made Judah His sanctuary and Israel His dominion. He did that by bringing them out of Egypt, a people of strange language. That is very profound. It holds a lot of truths for the end time Church. However, there is no space to fully explain, but one thing that is clear is this; God will never sit on you if you are still trapped in sin and sinful conduct.

At best He will sprinkle some grace on you through men who stand before Him to bring you out. If you resist coming out, you will remain a burden in the lives of people and never come to the realm of being a blessing. We must first come out of Egypt and strange things for God to sit on us and display the riches of His mercies, grace, and glory through us.

As we move closer and closer to the end of this month, make up your mind to come out of coming out of things that are not godly. Make this season a season of reflection. The truth remains, what you have refused to come out of is the reason you are still where you are today.

Are you ready to become a blessing? Will you come out of persistent laziness and sinful conduct? Will you come out of spiritual recklessness and indiscipline? Will you come out of lust and pride? If you will, then His grace will be released to you to do just that! Our will has a way of attracting God’s
grace upon our lives.


“And they shall know that I am the Lord their God, who brought them up out of the land of Egypt, that I may dwell among them. I am the Lord their God.” Exodus 29:46 NKJV