TODAY’S DEVOTION (Friday 24th January 2020)

“Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.” Genesis 28:15 NKJV


One major thing that guarantees joy in the life of a child of GOD is the release or actualization of things that concerns his destiny. In a year of rejoicing, one major thing you should do is to spend the year focusing on releasing or actualizing blessings or assignments that have to do with your destiny.

When children of GOD take their destinies from the declaration to the manifestation, their hearts will be full of joy. Our greatest desire today should be to take our destinies from its declaration to the manifestation. Whatever will make that happen, should be our concern.

Now, if there is one thing, we will always need in other to take our destinies from the place of divine declarations to the place of manifestation, that thing is sensitivity to the presence of God. A people who cannot sense the presence of GOD or any other eternal realities necessary for the fulfillment of a divine destiny may never fulfill their divine destiny. That is why Satan loves putting us in a state of NO SENSITIVITY to the Spirit or presence of God.

I am persuaded that someone is going to break free from certain shackles this year, mount up with wings like eagles against his fears, and reach out to fulfill divine destiny. That person could be you!

The greatest desire of the evil one is to make sure you live a life that is not fulfilling God’s plans for it. Only then can he stop God’s kingdom advance through you and multiply iniquity on the face of the earth. His greatest fears are men who are walking in hypersensitivity of the Spirit and accurately executing their divine destiny.


Spiritual sensitivity is to us spiritually, what the natural senses are to us physically. That is why, if you are not sensitive in the Spirit, you will not know when God is doing what. You will not be able to network with angles or the glory of God to unleash your destiny and move divine purposes forward. You will be in separate paths with the Holy Spirit.

Lack of divine sensitivity is one reason many do not fulfill their destiny.

The fulfillment of divine destiny will require an ever abiding presence of God on your life; to shape your perspective of things and to empower you, to put God’s worker-angels to work in other to help you against evil forces, and to unleash the glory in such a way that you can successfully move from divine declarations to divine manifestations.

It was in the spirit of this that GOD said to Jacob “Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.”

It pleases the LORD that this statement be our devotional text today. The statement is about a constant presence of GOD around Jacob. It reveals the importance of divine presence to our divine destiny.

You see, divine presence is the greatest asset of divine destiny. If you do not have it, you will be doomed. There are a lot that are usually cook and moved against destined people of GOD. That is why we need the presence of GOD. If you have it, you will be lifted irrespective of who may or may not be in your life.

Men who know how important divine presence is to divine destiny will prefer men leaving them and God staying with them than God leaving them and men staying with them. They will prefer losing sponsors and financiers than losing the presence of God.


To them, if God is present it does not matter who is absent and if God is absent it does not matter who is present. They know how to do away with people who want to remove God’s ever abiding presence from their lives without sentiments no matter how rich, well connected, or close they are.

They will look around them to spot people with the Achan spirit, and if they find them they will readily move them out of their lives without sentiments even if it means taking them to the valley of Achor the way Joshua did in Joshua chapter 7.

Now, to those who may not know who Achan was; Achan was a man in the days of Joshua who knew how to send God’s manifest presence away from his people.

He was gifted at doing what God says should not be done especially in critical seasons when the glory is needed. His specialization was to do things that will make the manifest glory of God to disappear from the lives of destiny people and leave them with no divine helping hands to unleash their destiny.

There are such people in every Church or Assembly of God’s people today. You could even be yoked to one, maybe because of the money, honor or any other thing you are getting from him or her.

This breed of people may love you, but they also know how to bring and retain devils in your life. The know how to bring devils but do not know how to bring and retain God’s presence in your life.

Like I stated, many men and women of divine destiny are sadly yoked to this kind of people spiritually and otherwise.

They have them as husbands, wives, Children, business partners, sponsors, pastors, prophets, Bishops etc. That is why their lives are not experiencing the glory of God. If you will enjoy the presence of God, if you will see the manifest glory that your destiny needs to be unleashed, you must have the courage to tell Achan to go away from you.


He abandons people who are yoked together with men and women who are good at touching the accursed things. That is where spiritual sensitivity comes in.

If you are not sensitive, you will not be able to locate your Achans and do away with them. Not just that, if you are not sensitive in the spirit, you will not even be able to sense the presence of God, consequently, not be in the know of the Achan phenomenon.

I know that phenomenon is strange to 90 percent of present-day Christians because they lack the spiritual senses to know or sense the manifest presence of God. They are not into that kind of Christianity. To them religious noise and the shouts we do in Church are the presence of God. They are not into matters of carrying divine presence hence not aware of the Achan phenomenon.

However, for the ever-abiding manifest presence of God to be with you, spiritual sensitivity to the presence of God must be developed. One thing that will help you to do is this; it will help you sense the Achans around you and deal with them scripturally. That is the message of today’s devotional.

My prayer for you is that you open your spirit to see what the LORD is saying to you this day.

You may be worshiping in an Achan Church, married to an Achan man or woman, or working in an Achan place, or doing some other things with Achan people, the rule remains, if you will see God doing what He says He will so in your life, Achan must go away.

Many know about Lot because of what he did to Abraham but very few know about Achan. Achan is more dangerous than Lot!


“But the children of Israel committed a trespass regarding the accursed things, for Achan the son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah, took of the accursed things; so the anger of the Lord burned against the children of Israel.” Joshua 7:1 NKJV

“So the Lord said to Joshua: “Get up! Why do you lie thus on your face? Israel has sinned, and they have also transgressed My covenant which I commanded them. For they have even taken some of the accursed things, and have both stolen and deceived; and they have also put it among their own stuff.

Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies, because they have become doomed to destruction. Neither will I be with you anymore, unless you destroy the accursed from among you.” Joshua 7:10-12 NKJV

“Then Joshua, and all Israel with him, took Achan the son of Zerah, the silver, the garment, the wedge of gold, his sons, his daughters, his oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his tent, and all that he had, and they brought them to the Valley of Achor.

And Joshua said, “Why have you troubled us? The Lord will trouble you this day.” So all Israel stoned him with stones; and they burned them with fire after they had stoned them with stones.

Then they raised over him a great heap of stones, still there to this day. So the Lord turned from the fierceness of His anger. Therefore the name of that place has been called the Valley of Achor to this day.” Joshua 7:24-26 NKJV