TODAY’S DEVOTION (Saturday 14TH November 2020)

“Of what use is money in the hand of a [self-confident] fool to buy skillful and godly Wisdom — when he has no understanding or heart for it? A friend loves at all times, and is born, as is a brother, for adversity.” Proverbs 17:16-17 AMP


Slowly but surely, our year of Higher Heights is fast approaching.

The LORD has enabled us to move from REJOICING to HIGHER HEIGHTS, and we are not taking it for granted. We never qualified, He just qualified us by His grace and gave us the gift by His power.

This morning we will be sharing thoughts on destiny partnership.

One of the major forces in God’s kingdom that is usually used to place GOD’S people on Higher Heights, is the force of destiny partnership. Whenever one is not fulfilling God’s full potential for his or her life, Heaven sends a destiny partner to him or her. That is why we will be sharing about that this morning.

To start with, I do not know who is your partner, but the best partnership in the world is not a partnership with men but a partnership and fellowship with God. If you partner with men, they will fail you. But if you partner and fellowship with God, you will never be disappointed.

That is why it is best to seek God and find Him, and then allow Him to assemble to you, the men and women you will need to fulfill His plans and purposes for your life. If we allow God to assemble the people we need to us, they will never come as trouble makers, they will come as destiny partners.

When you find a trouble maker in your life, God never gave him or her to you. Don’t drag Him into your woes. You gave yourself.

Trouble makers are called Sons of Tumult. God’s plans and purposes for your life will not need a Son of Tumult to be fulfilled. It will need a Son of peace to be fulfilled. Sons of tumult are Satan’s instruments of destabilization.

Sadly, they are everywhere! They appear in our lives in the attitude of needed men and women, only to hide and strike at any opportune time, revealing their true identities in the process.

There was a season we looked at the mystery of spiritual midwives.

Now spiritual midwives are needed in our walk and talk with God, to help us bring on earth things from Heaven that are placed in our hearts to bring forth, according to divine pattern. Yes, they could function as destiny partners but they are much more than that.

Spiritual midwives are people we need to submit to and serve to enter into our own territories – they are at a higher level. They are not partners per say – they are more than partners. But destiny partners are must at a lower level, because they are more like help meets.


First, there are those God will bring into your life to be your life partner – that is your husband (if you are female), or wife (if you are male). Until you get married to them, you will not be able to unleash what God has called you to do on the face of the earth.

There are destiny partners and there are death partners. I have sounded this over and over again.

The reason marriage has become a curse in the lives of many of our brethren in the body of Christ is simple; majority are married to people who are not their destiny partners. They are married to death partners. That is why their marriages are in terrible shapes and their lives full of sorrow and miseries.

Partnership with anyone who functions as a gate of death to God’s plans and purposes for your life, is the worst form of partnership on earth. It partnership will be worse than death itself. The Bible says,

“And I find more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets, whose hands are fetters. [a]He who pleases God shall escape from her, But the sinner shall be trapped by her.” Ecclesiastes 2:26 NKJV

Now, God did not create your marital life to be occupied by a man or woman who is not your destiny partner. If you erroneously give that holy place to the wrong person, you will live in hell all your life on earth.

For instance, if you are a God fearing man, be careful who you marry. Because if you give that holy place to a woman who looks so beautiful and “wife-fy” in your sight, but is spiritually a woman whose heart is snares and nets, and hands fetters, she will be more bitter than death to you. I have seen too many god-fearing men destroyed by women.

The same is applicable to women. Don’t give your marital life to a man the Bible calls a “Son of Baliel” or a “Son of tumult.” You could end up in the belly of hell or have the rest of your life filled with sorrows. A man or woman’s marital life is to be occupied by a destiny partner, not anyone who twinkles their fancy.


Destiny partners also come as longtime friends – some calls it covenant friends.

Jonathan was a covenant friend and a destiny partner to David. His partnership saved David at one time from premature death. He pitched his tent with David when Saul his father wanted him dead. Your divine destiny will need such people to be fulfilled.

Sadly, the abominable gay guys in church, are selling a lie that David and Jonathan were homosexual partners.

Sometimes I feel like weeping at the depravity of humanity. Hell awaits anyone who is that depraved. In God’s plan David was to be king and Jonathan the second in command. The reason was for them to discover where the temple was to be built, and build it.

They were destiny partners not homosexual partners.

You also find destiny partnership in Shadrach, Mishaek, and Abednego. They were destiny partners of Daniel in Babylon. It was their collective prayer at one time that saved the wise men of Babylon from execution. They generated a presence from Heaven through corporate prayers to help Daniel get to the realm where hidden things of God are revealed to human minds.

The King’s dream was one hidden thing of God that these young partners helped Daniel to reach out and receive from the LORD! They showed us how corporate prayers with destiny partners can change things in the kingdom of men. Sometimes, you will need men assembled to you by the LORD to experience higher levels of breakthroughs in God through prayers.

Their story teaches that a destiny partner will increase the presence of God in your life, and help you walk accurately with the God of heaven and earth! Sadly, many are clothed with friends who do not know how to support them to unleash their divine destiny.


If you also look at the clergy, you find the curse of death partners hindering great men and women of God form fulfilling their callings. These death partners function in their lives either as spouses or even Church members.

So many hard working preachers are plagued with members who are parasites and very unkind. They come telling them stories to scoop money from them but cannot do anything to support such them, especially in their time of trouble.

So many of these members, instead of helping their pastors to quench adversity, they help them to create adversity. If you have members who help in creating adversity in your life as a pastor, your ministry will never go up. It will just go down in the flames of strive one day!

Some create adversity for these servants of God by fraudulently becoming both a spiritual and financial burden to them, thereby slowing their progress in life and ministry.

I am not against Church helping people, but Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 5 that people should not be a burden to a Church when they can take care of themselves. Church members ought to be destiny partners to their pastors not parasites. They ought to be like brothers born to extinguish adversity in the life of their man of God.

There are also pastors who are real plagues in the lives of their members. Instead of functioning as spiritual midwives, they function as spiritual MID WAVES like the irresponsible shepherds of the book of Ezekiel. They producing waves of carnal passions and ignorance of God in the lives of their members while feeding fat on them through craftiness.

They prey on the misfortune of the suffering and reduce them to ATM machines. Instead of functioning as crisis extinguishers, they function as crisis regulators instead. They just regulate the crisis of their people to keep seeding into their ministries; making fortune out of their misfortune.


A major highlight in our devotional text today says, “A friend loves at all times, and is born, as is a brother, for adversity.” Destiny partners that come as covenant friends are basically placed in our lives as Crisis extinguishers. They know how to help us quench the fires kindled in our lives.

What is the message this morning? What is the LORD saying to us this morning? “Ask me to give you destiny partners. You cannot unleash your divine destiny without them. You will need a destiny partner for a wife or husband, and a destiny partner for a covenant friend.

If you are a pastor, you will need destiny partners for Church members. God did not create a divine destiny that can be fulfilled without destiny partners.

If you live a life without true friends or people sent to you by heaven; folks God raised to help you unleash your destiny, you will never fulfill God’s plans for your life. The Bible showed us the importance of destiny people in our lives from Chapter to chapter. Adam needed Eve, Daniel needed his three friends, and David needed Jonathan. There is someone you need. Ask the LORD to bring him or her into your life.

May the LORD locate and make them part of your life in our year of HIGHER HEIGHTS in Jesus precious name. And when they come, may you not use wrong attitudes to push them away from your life, in Jesus precious name! AMEN

Now, there is something you must understand at this point!

If the devil wants to destroy you, he will plant one destiny destroyer in your life to destroy you. But if God want to raise you, He will plant one destiny partner in your life to raise you.

God use DESTINY PARTNERS to help His own unleash their destinies, and Satan use DESTINY DESTROYERS to help God’s children defeat their destinies. Satan tried it in the life of Samson and other Bible Characters. He still does even today.

It’s therefore important that you learn how to walk in discernment in the pursuit of your divine destiny.

You can spend the last days of this year asking the LORD to push your destroyers away from you and bring in your helpers.


“Your sons shall make haste; your destroyers and those who laid you waste shall go away from you. Lift up your eyes, look around and see; all these gather together and come to you.”

As I live,” says the Lord, “You shall surely clothe yourselves with them all as an ornament, and bind them on you as a bride does.

“For your waste and desolate places, and the land of your destruction, will even now be too small for the inhabitants; and those who swallowed you up will be far away” Isaiah 49:17-19