TODAY’S DEVOTIONAL (Sunday 22nd November 2020)

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 KJV


I hope you had a great night and are getting ready for the last lap of the deep things the LORD is re enforcing in our minds, through the ongoing relay of the mysteries we learned in March this year.

It pleases the LORD that we bring those truths again, and next week we will continue with other sets of truths, as we get ready for the all-important December 12th Apostolic meeting for the Higher Heights Apostolic Army and the KAC Unit.

The relay of those meetings is giving me the much needed time to strategies for the harvest the LORD will be bringing into His kingdom through the KU Band satellite that we are all contributing towards. Yes, we need to strategies all over Africa, starting from West Africa, because East Africa is already set.

We have West, South, North and Central Africa in focus. I pray the LORD give us more resources and men in those regions to serve with us! Indeed, the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Journeys need to be undertaken to find and fix faithful men in those region at their appointed times.

But this morning, the LORD has a word for us, and here is it; if you were a train, what rail line are you traveling on? Yes, if you were a train, is your life traveling on the right track?

Oh yes, if we were trains, will we consider our lives on the right tract or we will consider them derailed and heading for a crash? I fear some of us are heading for a crash if we do not do something quickly. I had some fearful dreams few months back that really got me scared. They made me to start checking my life.

Indeed, some of us are heading for a crash! If we do not do something quickly, the crash will happen and it will be big. All the precious things we carry could be lost forever, but God forbid. How to prevent that is our focus for today. Which brings me to a story that will help us understand this message.

Many years ago, a train that was carrying some of the most precious possessions of an age derailed off its tract at a bridge and fell into a river. Everything on it was lost beyond redemption.

The release of divine destiny is the reason for Christianity. It is a precious thing we all carry. But many of us need to take a quick but decisive decision because we are headed the wrong direction. The enemy wants us to derail off God’s tracks for our lives and crash like the train.


Yes, the enemy is afraid of what his kingdom will become if you or I unleash our individual destinies, hence using the things our flesh cherish most, to derail and cause us to run out of the tracks of our divine assignments. He knows our crash will provoke a joy in hell and tears in Heaven. He knows too well, but many of us do not.

Again, if his wicked expectations will not come to pass, then we must take very decisive actions towards systems, people, places, and tradition that are being used to take us to the direction of the crash.

When Israel (the Church in the Old Testament) came out of Egypt, there was no poor one among them. Everyone was made a Billionaire in one night because they all stepped into divine destiny. God made them rich in Heavenly treasures, not just money from Egypt. But you can’t believe how the plan of the enemy succeeded against them. Almost all of them, except Joshua and Caleb, crashed on the way.

They took decisions that derailed them. They abandoned the track they were travelling on and went after strange things among others. Even Moses of all people also could not make it to Canaan. Though he was not involved in the strange cravings, he also crashed.

Meaning, what makes warriors crash is not necessarily the sins of fornication, adultery and etc. but the little, little foxes that spoils the vine.

Things we consider too small to take us down, but have the potential to take us out completely. No one who saw Moses’ exploits in Egypt would have thought he will not make to Canaan. These are the things that make me fear for myself.

If a man like Moses who saw what we have never seen and may never see, will crash land, then we must all tremble at this word. Any of us considered great by others, or seen as very close to God by those who see us as a catalyst of spiritual encouragement to run the race, can crash land.

Moses crash landed simply by not following divine instructions strictly. He struck the rock instead of speaking to it. I fear many of us are either crash landing like Moses, or will soon crash land if we do not take decisive steps that must be revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.


“But with most of them God was not well pleased, for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness. Now these things became our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted” 1 Corinthians 10:5-6 NKJV

The verses that followed said they practice idolatry, committed sexual immorality, tempted Christ, and complained. But it all began from the valley of lust! They lusted after evil things and ended up getting derailed by idolatry, sexual immorality, and complains. They also got derailed by tempting Christ.

If they had not lusted, they would not have been derailed. If they were not derailed, they would not have crash landed. But it all happened as the enemy planned and expected would. He knew if he did not get them by the hand of Pharaoh, he will get them by their own hands.

Being lustful could be a very harmless thing but is always the starting point of very destructive habits we cultivate and terrible sins we later fall into.

If the devil wants to destroy us by our own hands, having failed in taking us down through devils, he will check for any lustful feeling in us and help us cultivate it until we get derailed. Once we get derailed, we can crash land and destroy all the precious things the LORD stored up in our lives, like that train did.

The Bible says what happened to the Church at the wilderness was written for our example and admonition upon whom the end of the age has come. Are we ready to be admonished by these precious scriptures?


Our devotional text said, “Where there is no vision people perish”. Vision is the unfolding or prophetic revelation of what God buried in your destiny. It is the tract upon which we should travel on, not the track of feelings.

Lustful thoughts will create lustful feeling. Lustful feelings will lead us to sinful habits. Sinful habits will derail and lead us out of God’s prophetic tacks for our lives, leading to a crash. We must get God’s vision established in our hearts, strong enough not to listen to our feelings.

We must see where our lustful feelings will eventually lead us to.

The feeling to sleep with that man or that woman, that boy or that girl and etc. The feeling to do that pleasurable thing one more time and all that, has the potential of destroying our lives once and for all. Yes, it has the potential of pushing us into sinful conducts with the capability of ruining us completely.

Again, if Moses and all those guys who saw God in dimensions that we may never see or experience, crash landed and lost it completely, then we must be careful. Moses saw the glory literally and slept in it for 40 days, we have not. The best we have seen it is in quick visions.

Moses returned with a face that literally shot our rays of glory to the sight of even the spiritually blind, we have not. The best we have ever released is the anointing, not even the fullness of it like what men like John the beloved carried, or people like Peter whose shadows was healing the sick, not the oil distributors and drinkers.

What am saying is, these men in the days of Moses saw so much of God that we are only reading about, yet they crash landed.

We must be careful.

We must begin to check what is killing us spiritually slowly. We must check through our feelings and take decisive actions against the lust of the flesh, the pride of life and the lust of the eyes. We must deal with lust and then pride. Pride goes before a fall, and lust goes before a terrible crash. Both are dangerous.

We must have the visions and revelations of the LORD established in our hearts and not the lust that may be driving us to go the direction of a sinful pleasure. We must begin to sow into the Spirit and stop sowing into the flesh, else we keep reaping corruption, getting derailed, and crash landing like the train.

There are precious things of the kingdom in our lives. There is so much at stake this end time. We must consider all that and not allow the enemy to fulfill his intentions in our lives, using our lustful thoughts or feelings.

You see, if you want to be a bad story for upcoming generations to read and learn, then ignore this devotional.

But if we want to be a good book for upcoming generation to draw virtues from and run their own race, then let us take this word seriously. Let us Fight those sinful feelings with decisive decisions and actions until they leave us alone. if we do not, they will drop us in places that we never dream possible – the valleys of slaughter and shame.


“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world” 1 Peter 5:8-9