TODAY’S DEVOTIONAL (Tuesday 30th March 2021)

“And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:35-36 NKJV


I hope you are well this morning. God has been gracious and merciful. Indeed, He does not deal with us according to our sins, hence commanding that we repent so that our sins will not ruin our lives. He deals with us according to His mercies.

His mercies and compassion have been the reason for our living.

To Him belong all the glory!

In our devotional today we will be revisiting a well of truth that was dug five years ago on this platform on divine preservation. One of our members just shared a testimony of how she was with a covid-19 patient for some time, interacting without even knowing the person had it.

She would later discover it and go for a test after some days. Glory be to God she is negative. That is divine protection.

One major way God preserves His people is through the instrumentality of divine protection. She was preserved from the plague or pestilence by divine protection.

If there is anytime we need to refresh our hearts on matters of divine preservation it is now.

Divine preservation is one of the most important blessing one needs from God because if anything is not preserved it dies.

If success is not preserved it becomes failure. If miracles are not preserved they turn into miseries. If blessings are not preserved they turn into curses. If light is not preserved it will turn into darkness.

If progress is not preserved it turns into decline. If plenty is not preserved it turns into lack. If friendship is not preserved it turns into enmity. If privileges are not persevered, you lose them. If you do not take time to do things that will preserved your job, you will lose the job.

Many do not know that they need to preserve anything good they are enjoying. We do not cultivate a preservation mindset hence loosing great blessings and allowing good and blissful things to fade away.

If you think that something will remain good, great and blissful without you doing anything to keep it that way, you will soon lose it. I have seen people loose great jobs, marriages, relationships, great Churches and pastors, and etc. that way. Time to put on a preservation mindset.

Time to begin to work towards preserving that great relationship, position of authority, financial blessing, marriage, your place in that Church, and even the place God has given you in the heart of any of His servant if you have one over your life.

This morning as we revisit that well of truth, it’s my prayer that you find something refreshing that will be of help in this respect, in Jesus precious name. Amen and amen.


A lady waited for many years to get married. She was over 45, with stories of failed relationships trailing her from City to City and nation to nation. Her family had a terrible predator demon that was not letting them get or stay married.

Finally, she did, but the journey was not easy.

She fasted from year to year, prayed intensely from time to time, gave sacrificial offerings towards her breakthrough whenever God presented the opportunity to her.

She was persistent in battle until the yoke hindering her marital destiny was broken and finally the man came.

He was not just a man but a husband. Everyone rejoiced with her; her wedding day was out of this world. Her goodness spoke for her. God honored her!

Then after few years of enjoying her marriage, with three blessed kids as fruits, everything stopped. The bliss she once had disappeared. Her husband became an animal. Her kids were helpless, and everyone was puzzled. Things started breaking down in pieces until she could no longer endure it.

Then she started moving from Church to church for prayers, man of God to man of God for help, yet nothing was happening. Things will be normal for a while and slip back into chaos.

The story of this woman tells us what is happening in the lives of many Children of GOD, who do not know anything about divine preservation. They now so much about deliverance but knows little or nothing about divine preservation. This lady was delivered from her marital yoke, given a good family, but it was not preserved.

Deliverance will turn into captivity if it is not preserved. Success will turn into failure if it is not preserved. Healing can be lost if there is no divine preservation. In the kingdom, anything that is not preserved will be lost because we are in constant spiritual warfare.

It is therefore important to press further into Christ to obtain divine preservation after receiving God’s goodness and obtaining deliverance. If you do not preserve your deliverance, you will slip back into captivity. That is what many do not know!


“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed..” To be made free connotes “deliverance” but to be free indeed connotes “preservation.”

Sadly, many preachers carry the anointing of deliverance but very few carry that of divine preservation that is why people in their congregation slip back into things after a season of deliverance. God wants us to come into the fullness of His blessings, and that will never happen if we have deliverance without preservation.

The importance of divine preservation cannot be over stated. Everything that has not lasted in your life lacked divine preservation.

If your marriage did not last, it lacked divine preservation. If your job helped you for few years then got lost, it was not preserved in the spirit. If your life was up there then suddenly you lost it mysteriously, there was no divine preservation.

If your kids where doing well at school then suddenly they lost it, there was no divine preservation. If you got a blessing from God through a genuine man of God then lost it, there was no divine preservation.

Divine preservation is the key to retaining what we receive from God! It is therefore important that we know how to bring our lives under the grace of divine preservation, especially after receiving a blessing, miracle, breakthrough, or visitation from the LORD.

Let me begin by showing you the environment of divine preservation. I feel excited sharing these truths with you!

Like I have always said in different forums; there are three levels of the supernatural. The first is Faith, the second the anointing, and the third the glory. Faith is the tool for moving into the other two realms of the supernatural – the anointing and the glory.

The anointing is the environment for deliverance. In other words, deliverance is a function of the anointing because the anointing breaks the yoke. But divine preservation is a function of the glory. The glory is therefore the environment of divine preservation.

God will use His anointing to break our yokes but His glory to preserve our deliverance, breakthroughs, miracles or blessings that results.

If you remain in an environment of the anointing, you will always be in need of deliverance because whatever you got will be lost and you will need to get it again and again. But if you step into the environment of the glory, you will never loose whatever the anointing brings to you.


For instance, everyone who has ever gotten a miracle by our hands and remained under the glory in our ministry has not lost it. They are taught how to live to walking in their miracles until they become blessings.

Ours is a non-denominational Church; a prophetic and apostolic teaching ministry with a mandate to bring end time Christians into the glory realm by the Cry of the Holy Spirit of God for our age and time.

I have seen God do permanent things that amazed me in the life of Sons and daughters who drink regularly from our spiritual fountain.

Ministries like ours are everywhere on the face of the earth. There could be one very close to you (Though many have said they do not exit around their countries and wishes that we come there). God wants you to step in there and connect the flow of divine preservation that is coming from His Throne Room to the hearts of men and women there.

These are not days of playing religion or following tradition.

No anointed ministry will preserve you this end time. They will give you miracles and all that but no divine preservation. Our generation must come into the revelation of the difference between these three aspects of the supernatural, Faith, the Anointing and the glory. They function differently and offer different things to the human race.

We are perishing just for lack of knowledge. I have taught these things in 2014 and 2015. The messages are there. Go get them from our Church Office. They are in so many titles.


You need ministries moving in the glory and bringing men into the three realms of the supernatural, not ministries moving just in the faith or anointing realms of the supernatural. That is the only way to get divine preservation. Time to be sensitive not sentimental. If you need divine preservation, you must be sensitive not sentimental.

Let me share something more about the glory realm and how it relates with divine preservation. This will be deep, so get ready!

The glory realm of God is the environment of divine preservation, however you can never come into this realm without the teaching ministry of genuine prophets of God, who are deep in spiritual understanding, and are wrapped in the mantle of apostolic teaching grace.

The Bible made it clear that

“by a Prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved” (Hosea 12:13).

That prophet was Moses, also called the Teacher or lawgiver. He had an mantle that kept Israel under the glory for 40 years.

I grew up to learn that, the prophetic, when carried by the apostolic, and expressed through deep teachings, carries three realms of the supernatural – Faith, the anointing, and the glory. But when it is shallow, it carries just two realms – Faith and the Anointing.

That is why you see most prophets activating faith in people and at best breaking their yokes but the people are never free indeed because they slip back into other forms of captivities thereafter.

How do you recognize a prophetic mantle that is deep?

It will not just be seeing visions and interpreting dreams, or just dishing out the word of knowledge and telling you the secrets of your life. It will go beyond calling your telephone number, house address, prophesying, and speaking on point revelations. It will bring you into the WORD realm of God revealed from the pages of the scriptures.

The word of God can be an information or revelation to us. But its highest expression happens when it becomes A REALM to us. And only a deep prophet of God, wrapped in an apostolic mantle can push you into that realm.

Now, I am not saying a spectacular prophet who show amazing signs and wonders, but a deep prophet who make significant and strategic growth in our relationship with God possible.

Yes, a deep prophet who will increase our divine wisdom bank or spiritual stature each time we sit under him; a prophet with “WORD” capacity to bring us into the realm of LIFE-GIVING WORD in Christ.

And when you enter that realm, you will begin to swim in what Paul called “the hidden wisdom that was ordained for our glory before the foundation of the world.” Things eyes have not seen, ears heard or hearts conceived will become your heritage, making divine preservation yours.

When the prophetic mantle is deep, it will foretell (see deep things) and forth-tell (teach deep things). But when it is shallow, it will not do both. It will just be foretelling. That is when you will find people obtaining deliverance by the prophetic but not divine preservation.

As you go through this glorious day, make these truths your meditation.

God wants to take you from deliverance to divine preservation. If you have been under an anointed man or woman of God, time to sense where the glory dwells and connect so that you move to the next level of God for your life.


The rate anointed men and women of God are dying by covid-19 tells us where the Church is, and have been. We are yet to come into the glory realm.

I cannot Imagine Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Elisha, Abraham, John the Beloved, Peter, Paul, or even Jesus, if Physically on earth today, dying of Covid-19. Where is the God of our fathers? We need to get back to Him my friend and stop being stupid sounding like the lost world on this matter.

If we were in the glory realm, covid-19 will not touch any man or woman of God. It will not touch even a child of God, because in Bible language it is one of the diseases of the Egyptians. And God HAS said He will not put the diseases of the Egyptian on us. He spoke that from the glory realm.

To see that promise come to pass, we must get back to the very realm He stood to say it. We must come into understanding of the three realms of the supernatural and press into the realms we are yet to get into.

Do not forget, the anointing can break the yoke but it takes the glory to stop a plague. Covid-19 is a plague not a yoke. We need the glory to help us!


“The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; and he who has My word, let him speak My word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat?” says the Lord.

“Is not My word like a fire?” says the Lord, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces? Jeremiah 23:28-29 NKJV