And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” Genesis 2:18 NKJV


God be glorified for the 1st Sunday of the year 2024. We are witnessing the first resurrection morning today. There will be 51 more to witness. We give God the glory for all that.

Today we want to refresh our minds with another walk of godly wisdom that we will need to enjoy the best of God for the year.

You see, except for a season, if God says it’s not good to be alone, you will be foolish to say it’s good to be alone. It is important to understand that faith and Obedience are the currencies of the Spirit realm. But relationship is the currency of the earth realm.

You could be good at saving or keeping money, if you are not good at keeping good people in your life, the demon of depression, darkness, or suicide will become your companion.

With relationship, you can buy anything good or bad, into your life without using money.

Indeed, it is the bridge upon which all things flow. You may not have money, but if you have people, especially men and women who love and care for you, friend you are rich.

After having a good pastor over your life as a child of God, the next most important thing to ask the LORD to give you this year is people – people He has designed your destiny to meet to be unlocked.

The greatest blessing you can have on earth is GOD surrounding you with people who genuinely care for you and yours. That is why a good family is the greatest blessing one can have on earth.

But the fall-down-and-die gospel has helped the devil in destroying many families. It has made couples call their best friends, enemies.

It has made Children rise against their own parents in prayers. It has defeated the beautiful purpose of relationship in the life of so many. They now walk alone, seeing themselves as the only angels on earth, while the rest of the people around their lives are demons.

Yes, it has isolated so many from their destiny partners, and made them comfortable with being alone in life. But God said in His word, “It is not good for a man to be alone.”


Some have even been made to declare that all they need is God, and not people. They forget that even Jesus needed people when He was here on earth. That was why He never walked alone in life.

You may not need bad people, but do not say you do not need people. I have repeated it on this platform more than once, that You need people to become a person.

You need people Heaven designed from the foundation of the world to be part of your life, for you to become a person Heaven designed you to be on the face of the earth, from the foundation of the world. If you do not know that and run your life in 2024 with it, you will cut off every flow of good God intent bringing to you.

God uses men to bless men! He uses men to build men!! He uses men to mold men!!! He uses men to unlock the greatness He has buried in men!!! You need God, but you also need people God designed to be part of your life.

Our devotional text today said;

“It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

This wisdom was what led to the creation of marital relationships. But life has made it clear that one can be married and still be alone. If you get married to a death partner instead of a life partner, you will still be alone.

So, when we say we need people to become a person, we are not referring to everyone on the street.

However, marital relationships are just one relationship type, there are other types! When the Bible says it’s not good that man should be alone, it cuts across all relationship types.

Basically, a Child of God needs three types of human relationships to succeed in God’s plans and purposes for his life.

(1) He needs People who are more than him or his superiors,

(2) He needs people at his level or his colleagues, and

(3) He needs people beneath him.


Now here is the wisdom of God; at the first level, the level of having those who are superior to you; you need people who are ahead of you in everything that concerns your destiny, to serve.

Yes, you need such people in your life to serve them, like Elisha did to Elijah, then they lead, guide, or challenge you into greatness. Without that, you will be stagnant in life.

Then at the second level, you would need to relate with good people at your level of wisdom, success, and etc. to have a certain life equilibrium. This equilibrium will be needed for you to succeed with God and men. You find Jonathan bringing that equilibrium into the life of David.

The equilibrium saved David from early death, and would have given him a healthier destiny life on the Throne if Jonathan had not died. Then at the third level, you need people beneath you to serve and assist.

If you spend your day despising such people, you will not have the life balance to go forward in life. People beneath us will bring the blessing of the perishing man upon us, and that blessing is always a necessity.

Now, without the application of this three-dimensional wisdom of God, you may never arrive at your divinely determined destiny place in life.

We have said that greatness requires that we stand alone. But we did not say that greatness requires that we be alone. No greatness requires being alone. We stand alone for God to bring us the appointed people that will help unlock or contribute to our greatness.

God has His own way of bringing people our way. Standing alone in submission to His will is one way of positioning for them. He will bring the three types of people our way when we are properly positioned in Him.

He will give us the humility to embrace those who are ahead of us, the wisdom to reject an independent mind and embrace those who are at our level, and the humility to respect or have a sense of value for those who are beneath us, treating them as human beings too.


It’s not just applicable to marriage. It is applicable to all things. If you are wicked, unkind, non-gracious, or unforgiving, you are foolish; you will miss whatever the LORD has determined to give you through people.

Like I said earlier, God use men to visit men.

If you are the Christian type that suspects everybody, despise those beneath you, disrespect those ahead of you, and do not have anything to do with anyone, you will miss great visitations from God.

Let that attitude not be part of your life this year. It’s a year of impact. You will never make impact that way.

After having a good Church to worship in, and a righteous pastor over your life, you will need great relationships to actualize God’s plans for your life. You may see wisdom in being suspicious of everyone, but suspicion is the lowest level of discernment. It is an act of foolishness in God’s sight.

Being suspicious of people might have helped you, but it does not work all the time. In fact, it destroys great relationships.

God wants us to walk in discernment not suspicion. Discernment is an act of divine wisdom but suspicion is not.

Many missed the blessings God gave me for them when I first came to Kenya because of suspicion. They suspected me of being dangerous when they discovered I am a Nigerian.

Maybe they have had something dark with Nigerians before, I do not know.

But that is what the foolishness of using your experience with one to judge what another does to us. It got me so sick and tired of trying to help people, that I just wanted to leave and go back home.

Suspicion will rob you of the blessings God wants to give you through blessed people. But discernment will help you find them. In 2024, walk in discernment, not suspicion.

It will save you from devilish people, because the way God use men to visit men, so does Satan use men to destroy men. It will help you to find them out.


It will destroy you, because most good people sent into our lives are not usually well packaged by God. They most times come in packages we will never like – packages that will require a walk and talk with God on our part, to unravel.

That is why walking in discernment is far more effective than walking in suspicion.

Most times, these blessed people would come in packages that makes it difficult to trust them. In fact, some make you distrust them by their actions. But if you bypass your flesh and walk in discernment, you will see into their hearts and know they are genuine.

I want to state that no matter what you think about people and no matter what may have happened to you, it is not good for you to be alone. You need people! You need people, yes you need people. In fact, you even need enemies!

You need enemies to be pushed into God’s desired place for your life.

Life is built in such a way that if friends and enemies do not touch us one way or the other, we will never become what Heaven created us to be! David needed a Goliath to become famous and enter into His destiny.

You will need some Goliath this year as well! Do not forget, its your year of impact. You will need some giants to kill for impact purposes.

We must therefore be aware of Satan’s strategy and not be dangerously suspicious of people. He will seek to separate us from caring people by painting them evil in our mind. He does that each time he wants to kill, steal, or destroy.

That has been his age long strategy.

For instance, it was when Eve was separated from Adam that he got her. If she was where her husband was, perhaps there would have been no fall of man. Really it is not good for a man to be alone!

As earlier indicated, God sometimes asks people to separate from men, but it does not last a lifetime. It last just for a season. If you see people being told by some voices to separate from everyone perpetually, the devil is the one speaking to them.


We all need people in our lives. We need people who care about us and love us unconditionally.

God can bless you with such people if you seek Him for them. However, in your prayer to have such people in your life, you must be friendly, accommodating, loving, generous, forgiving, kind, and merciful.

You must also be selfless, humble, and not arrogant.

Do not forget that Satan will try to rope you in an attitude that makes those you need want to be very far from you. Fight that with all your strength by resisting any of such attitudes.

Yes, reject such attitudes and put on Christ. It is when we put on Christ that those He prepared for us, can be righteously attracted to come and stay, instead of becoming part of the traffic that comes and goes away.

You must not be a gossip, slanderer, maligner, blackmailer, or whatever keeps friendship away. If you are the type that people do not like to stay with, may the LORD change that concerning you in Jesus’ precious name!

It is part of divine wisdom not be alone. It is foolishness to be in solitary for too long. That is why God will first destroy the spirit of being in solitary before bringing you into prosperity. Psalm 68:5-6 is clear on that.


“A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation. God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.” Psalms 68:5-6 NKJV