“The enemy shall not outwit him, Nor the son of wickedness afflict him. I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague those who hate him.” Psalms 89:22-23 NKJV


The last time the scripture of our devotional text came to us, as Spirit and life, in a Church service, a portal of Heaven opened over us and great victories over darkness were unleashed upon us from the Throne of God.

Since then, many have been running with that word, and seeing God confirming it in their lives, with signs and wonders. The faithfulness of God to His word is awesome.

Personally, I have ran with it for over 30 years. The Word works!

Oh yes, the word works. You will never know it, until you come to the place of fully believing in God for your life. Until you come to the place where the dragon seems to have taken over everyone to harm and hurt you in all fronts, and you have no one but God to run to.

The scripture of our devotional text today, is a heritage of the Davidic generation; an end time generation that will be fought in all fronts by the wicked one, hence the heritage.

If you are part of the Davidic generation, today’s word will bless you amazingly. In our devotional today, we will be highlighting some truths on spiritual warfare. Yes, spiritual warfare!!

Spiritual warfare is inevitable.

Now, I am not saying spiritual attacks, I said spiritual warfare. The two are not the same. We can be protected from spiritual attacks, but cannot be protected from spiritual warfare, because being a Child of God alone gets you enlisted in spiritual warfare.

The origin of spiritual warfare is not man. Spiritual warfare began before mankind was created. So, we were created in a battle field. God’s will is that the enemy who was defeated on the cross of Calvary remains defeated in our lives.

However, if he outwits you in battle, you will be in trouble because spiritual warfare is a battle of wits, not actually a battle of prayer.

You see, you can pray and still be defeated in spiritual warfare. But you cannot be a man or women of spiritual wits and be defeated in spiritual warfare. Even when you pray, your prayers will be different. They will always bring victory, because you will be praying with wits.


When we say wits, we are referring to intelligence, common sense, understanding, and the use of the head or mind to make way.

Actually, in spiritual warfare, it is those who use their Holy Ghost filled head that goes ahead of their enemies, or come out victorious. Those whose heads are not filled with the Holy Ghost, or who may be filled with Him but do not engage their heads, will never be ahead of their enemies in life.

Friend, understand that, the enemy can outwit whoever does not have a Holy Ghost sense to put to use in spiritual warfare.

The dictionary defined the word “outwit,” to mean, “Tis o get the better of, by superior intelligence.”

In the context of our devotional today, when the enemy gets the better of you, by superior intelligence, he has outwitted you in battle. He will begin to rule and ruin you and all that concerns you, no matter how prayerful you might be. That is why many still go down despite their prayers.

Believe it or not, that is what is happening to so many Christians today – the devil is getting better than them by superior intelligence.

For instance, he will use acceptable teachings of grace, that allows sin to reign supreme in your life, to keep you filthy enough to be perpetually oppressed by him, made sick, or under spiritual attacks, or even depressed by his demons.

Then he will use the same preacher, to point the reason for your woes on some altars from your village. In response, you will begin to give sacrificially to the preacher, in the name of destroying the evil altars or raising another, while the real problem is in your sinful life; you being on the paths of iniquity.

By that, he has outwitted you in battle. You will never be free permanently. You will only end up freeing the preacher you are giving to permanently from financial hardship.

He knows his activities only prevail where the glory does not dwell and the glory and sin do not coexist. So, he will make sure you keep doing this that will keep God’s glory from your life.

If you are a smart type, he will give you an anointed preacher who is limited in revelation to sit under, and keep suffering the same fate.

At most he will make the preacher, a preacher who steals from other people’s messages, just to keep feeding you with what is true, without him being of the Truth; all in a bid to keep you where the rest you need will never come.


Sadly, many do not know that one can be anointed and still be very ignorant of the deep things of God that the saints needs.

Most of them go into the deep things of the devil instead, to feed people with in the name of spiritual warfare. While some others live in sin and take the presence of the anointing in their lives as a sign that God has no problem with what they might be doing.

None of this kind of preachers can be of a great help for you in any spiritual warfare. The enemy has outwitted them, and will use them to put you under the same pool or prison in the realm of the spirit.

Sadly, so many of us in Church today have been outwitted by the enemy in so many ways, chiefly the way of sinful living.

In fact, talking about fighting with superior intelligence, there are those that the enemy has used Romans 8:1 to get a better hold of them in matters of sin. He uses untaught preachers to make them believe that, “There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” Without adding, “who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.”

He did that to keep them moving from sin to sin, because he knows so long as they live in sin, they are his own, according to scriptures (1 John 3:8). From this, you can see that he has had a superior intelligence over them.

Whenever you see a Christian or preacher quoting Romans 8:1 half way, you have seen a man or woman living in secret sins.

A pastor once used this half-quoted scripture to keep a lady he was not married to in sexual sin for a long time.

We have discovered that almost all the grace preachers, who quote the portion of Romans 8:1 that suits them, and leave the rest, are living in sin. The enemy has outwitted them in battle!


“The enemy shall not outwit him, Nor the son of wickedness afflict him. I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague those who hate him.” Hallelujah!

If the enemy has outwitted you in any way, please use this word to wake up from slumber; else, the next thing that will happen, is the sons of wickedness afflicting you. If you get to that place, it will become too messy with you.

You must heed to this word, if you belong to the Davidic generation; God’s breed of end time giant killers.

Historically, this was a prophetic blessing God placed on David because of the wars the young man was called to fight. It was placed on him the Day Samuel visited his home.

From that day, God began by making sure that the enemy does not outwit David in battle, because if David is outwitted in battle, the sons of wickedness will afflict him. If the sons of wickedness afflict him, the purposes of GOD in his hands will perish.

Child of GOD, there are battles God has assigned to you, by divine destiny, to fight for him too. If the enemy outwits you in those battles, His purposes in your hands will perish.

Yes, there are divine purposes placed in your hands. Maybe the revelation of what they are has not come to your prophetic senses, but they are there. God’s plan is for the enemy not to outwit you in battle so that those purposes can stand.

You must therefore come to the place of defeating the superior intelligence of the evil one using sound doctrine. It takes sound doctrines by the hand and mouth of apostolic authorities to defeat superior intelligence from Satan. That is why dark preachers and those who love them hate people with sound doctrines.

Yes, church leaders and people who have become pillars of the superior intelligence of Satan in the present church, hate those with sound doctrines from God. They know they are God’s demolition men, sent out to bring down all forms of superior intelligence from Satan.


If we allow the enemy to outwit us in the battles of life, it will open the door for every son of wickedness to begin to afflict us; first in our spiritual life, then financial, then marital, then other critical aspects of life.

In spiritual warfare, wherever a son of wickedness is successfully afflicting you, the enemy has outwitted you in that area; he has used superior intelligence to beat you to the game.

All you need is sound doctrine to conquer his superior intelligence, not powerful prayers.

In fact, Satan will prefer you going for what is called powerful prayers instead of sitting to receive sound doctrine. Under such circumstances, no prayer will ever help you with permanent deliverance or rest, until you gain intelligence over him.

To gain that intelligence, you will need to plant yourself in a Church that functions as “The School of the Spirit,” where the sound doctrine of the word is taught. That is the message of today!


“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.

They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing; To show that the Lord is upright: he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him. Psalm 92:12-15 KJV