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Richard E.S Takim, Apostle

An able minister of the New Testament, Richard Eban Stanley Takim (REST), was called into ministry in 1993, after a series of spiritual encounters with the LORD that began at age 8. He has been a part of the ongoing apostolic reformation blowing from Africa.


Born in 1976 in the village where the Abgokim Water falls is, to a Catholic family that resides then in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria, he grew up to become a strong member of the Assemblies of God Church in Abuja, Nigeria, where he met the LORD and sat under the tutelage of Pastor Isaac Nnachi, who God used to lay the foundation of his faith, making the blessed hope his ultimate hope in life.


Books to build and prepare us for the soon coming KING!

Riding on covent wings

There are three levels of tapping from God. The first is the miraculous, the second is the blessing and the third is the covenant. Many books have been written on tapping from God through miracles and blessings. But very few have been written on the covenant. Miracles bring relief! Blessings bring deliverance! But the covenant brings rest! Until you come to the realm of rest, you will never fulfill your destiny.


This book was written to bring you into a walk and talk with God that will give you rest on every side! Get set for a revolution because the revelation in this book will take you from wherever you are and place you on covenant wings where the zeal of the LORD will become your success machine!

Overcoming witchcraft

Witchcraft did not begin in your village. It began in the Book of Genesis chapter 3. Overcoming witchcraft, therefore, is not by taking prophets to your village to uproot anything. Neither is it by sowing seeds, offering financial sacrifices, running after prophets, drinking oil, or going through one deliverance program or the other.

Witchcraft began when men conversed with the serpent and can only be permanently checked through deep conversation with Christ.


Each page of this book will bring you to a realm of deep conversation with Christ. If you give it the attention it deserves! Suddenly, you will break into the realms of Glory and come out completely delivered.

You shall not be poor

Poverty is so unnecessary! It is always as a result of power failure. It did not begin from your family or village but from the day man stepped out of the glory of God in Genesis chapter 3!

You don’t kill poverty by drinking oil, taking prophets to your village, breaking curses, using water, or mustard seeds in prayer. You kill poverty by stepping back to the glory of GOD!


The prosperity of the righteous is a  glory product, because the glory of GOD is the storehouse of supernatural wealth. Accessing this storehouse is the reason this book is in your hands. If you give it the attention it desrves, God will kindle your heart with revelations that will get you back to the glory!

The Revolution

There is a false grace movement in church today. This false movement has caught up with us! Consequently, though still in church, many of us have returned to our unsaved states – THE CLERGY AND THE  LAITY. Prophetically speaking, we have grown from Children of God to sons of hell.


The purpose of this book is to stop this sad development and depopulate hell. A prophetic trip with Jesus reveals very sad developments in the after life – there is a great falling away. The fallen angel is repeating the same fall in the Church to have the once saved back in hell.


It’s our prayer that as you sit down with Jesus to open the pages of this book and read, there will be a revolution in your life. You will not just be free, you will be used by the LORD to bring freedom to others!

Provisions From Unexpected Ends

This book is a product of all I have seen God do in my life, and in the lives of others for over 30 years, especially those I have ministered to.


It is all about the prosperity of the righteous not that of the wicked or a fool, as the Bible calls them. The book will show you how to connect to provisions from unexpected ends, especially in times of crisis.


Among other things, you will discover God’s supply systems for trouble times, a word for the sons of Issachar, how to tap into supplies from the world in trouble times, God’s trouble times intervention forces, and lots more!


If you need prosperity in any adversity you find yourself, you are holding in your hands God’s kingdom secrets to getting it.

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