TODAY’S DEVOTIONAL (Wednesday 1st September 2021)

“Listen to my plans for you, people of Babylonia……” Jeremiah 50:45 CEV

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” Psalm 32:8 NKJV


Blessed be the name of the LORD who has given us another month. Yes, our God finishes before He starts. He has given us a complete month of September but we start the journey today, the first day of the month.

So long as He is concern, we are already at the end of the month. All we need to do is to feed on what comes out of His mouth daily!

This month for me is a prophetic month because on this month, specifically the 5th day, we stepped our feet in East Africa for the birth of the MAN CHILD, the Cry of the Spirit Ministries Global. Do not miss Sunday service because it will be the 8th anniversary of this Apostolic Mission of Christ to East by our hands.

There will be showers as we experience the grand finale of the 5th season of the seven days seven mountains.

Yes, the ongoing journey with truth; the revelation of the Seven Days Seven Mountains, is building a spiritual momentum for us and unleashing on all of us uncommon things of the Kingdom. The content of what we have been receiving attest to the fact that we are all headed towards a colorful and bright future that has been pre-planned in Christ Jesus.

You see, 8 years ago, whatever is happening now as the Apostolic and Prophetic Teaching Ministry of the Cry of the Spirit Ministries by our hands, was a future we never knew existed. But following the LORD carefully, feeding on what comes out of His mouth daily, and listening to his voice wholeheartedly has created it.

That tells us that all we need to do to come into a colorful and bright future, is to feed on what comes out of GOD’s mouth daily, give God a listening ear and walk with Him with an obedient heart.


The first is this – God is Spirit and He created our natural world. He is invisible but created our visible world. That simply means, the spiritual is the birthplace of the natural. Whatever you see naturally was created supernaturally. In other words, the supernatural is responsible for the natural.

The supernatural, either good or bad, inject things into the natural world every second, promoting or altering things in people’s lives, making things grow or die, making families happy or sad, making business crumble or succeed, making ministries succeed and advance God’s purposes on earth or diminish and fail completely, and etc.

The supernatural is responsible for everything natural.

It may interest you to know that there are two kinds of the supernatural pouring itself on the human race. That of God and that of the kingdom of darkness. If we can see into the supernatural of GOD and allow ourselves to be controlled by it, we will minimize or completely erase every evil the supernatural of the enemy may be pouring on the human race.

The reason the enemy attack us from the supernatural realm is because it is master over the naturally realm. Before a man will succeed over you naturally, he has been made to succeed over you supernaturally. Before a man die naturally, he has already been killed supernaturally. Nothing takes place in the naturally realm if it has not taken place in the supernatural.

That is why the Bible admonishes us to sense the plans of God for our lives and live our lives accordingly.

People who walk in divine plans cannot fail. They only fail if they venture into anything that is not part of the plan. For instance, they will fail in a marriage that is not God’s plans for their lives, they will not succeed in any business that is not God’s plans for their lives, they will not come out well from whatever is not God’s plans for their lives.


It is the reason the enemy succeeds over us, the reason we wail and suffer, the reason we are sick and tired of what we may be doing in our lives; it is the reason we lack sufficient grace from God to keep growing stronger in the things we do.

Life outside divine plans for a Child of God is like a fish outside water. It will die and decay. For instance, any marriage outside divine plans will be full of headaches. It will die and decay living partners with the corpse to be taking from one man of God to another man of God for resurrection.

Nothing in God’s plan that is ran in His ways can ever suffer dead or decay. Nothing in His plans and ways will ever fail. And if by any chance it fails, it will rise again and become better and more glorious. Remember Job in the Bible.

Job got double for all his trouble. That is why when you experience what may look like failure if you are in GOD’s plans and ways, you will see “God’s supernatural grace” moving to bring you out into a much better phase than what it was before the experience.

The righteous indeed will fall seven times but rise again. However, that only happens if he is in divine plan! If you are not in divine plan, you will fall and keep falling, and falling, until you are no more.

It pays to listen and to walk in divine plans. It pays to be instructed by LORD on where to go. The plans of God are “finished events” in the supernatural waiting to be made manifest in the natural. The Bible says “the plans of God shall stand.

Meaning they do not have capacity to fail. That is why people who walk in divine plans do not fail. Divine plans do not fail because they have been finished in the supernatural. Our devotional text says, “Listen to my plans for you.” It also said “I will guide you and teach you to the way you should go.

People who walk in divine plans cannot fail because they are following predetermined and pre-established things in the spirit realm. They are following things that have been done and completed in the supernatural. Their response and obedience will simply bring them forth in the natural realm.


You may be in the dark this morning. The enemy may have attacked you yesterday and made you sleep in the pain of that attack. God sent this word to tell you to listen to His plans for your life and follow them meticulously.

Cease listening to whatever may have happened. Start listening to God’s plans for your life. That is where your recovery will come from. That is where your prosperity will flow from. That is where your deliverance is. That is where your expectations will turn into manifestation. But anything outside divine plan is a bad investment.

This is a new month. Make up your mind not to make a bad investment this month. Do not keep yourself attached to things that are not God’s plans for your life. I pray that you cease living your life in what look good and start sensing what is God and follow.

I pray that you recognize the manipulations of Satan to keep you in what is outside divine plan. I pray that you overcome the warfare that usually breaks out when men step into divine plan. I pray that the LORD will sharpen your senses to be able to recognize divine plans and follow them.

Sometimes, things happen to cloud our senses not to be able to recognize divine plans. Other times they happen to bring us out of God’s plans for our lives completely. We must be watchful against all that.

Finally, I want you to understand that the plans of the LORD for your life may come in a package you do not like, but if you stick to them you will save yourself from things that will make you regret in life.

Whatever we do not like in God’s plan for our life usually disappears within a very short time leaving us with a glorious product in our hands. And whatever you like in what is not God’s plan for your life, also disappears over time leaving you with a very displeasing product in your hands.

You must learn to sense only what is God’s plan and stick to it. You may not like everything in it, but time will take away what you may not like. That is what makes the plans of God good and perfect at the end. Do not forget, the vision will speak at the end not the beginning.

Welcome to a new month! Our Ebenezer Month!


“For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. Jeremiah 29:11 AMP