TODAY’S DEVOTION (Thursday 16th April 2020)

“A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul, but it is an abomination to fools to depart from evil.”

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” Proverbs 13:19-20 NKJV


When the eyes of a man are looking backwards instead of forward, he is bound to make mistakes in judgment. What may have happened to you yesterday is gone. Today is a gift from God for a new beginning. Arise and shine! Your light has come!!
It is been wonderful exploring simple highlights on the wisdom of God. I guess you are getting wiser by the day. The Bible says;

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge.” Psalm 19:1-2 NKJV

The speeches the LORD has been using the devotionals of this month to utter into our spirits are indeed things that call for double attention. The spirit of foolishness has been the greatest killer of men. It is the root of every adversity in the life of everyone.

I received a text from someone I thought was my spiritual daughter, a man approached her for marriage, and she gave response without seeing me first as I advised my daughters. Today she is pregnant for the man and abandoned with her pregnancy. Maybe she has even aborted it.

I am told men from synagogues of Satan has vowed to destroyed girls under me because of my stand on sexual immorality in the church. They said they will come pretending to be suitors, get them pregnant and disappear to hurt what I preach. That was why I gave that instruction that whoever approaches any for marriage, they should come to me first. But this young woman chooses to be a goat in instead of a sheep, today she has been slaughtered.

I guess the men are celebrating now and targeting another one among us. May God look and judge.

The only way to save sheep from predators is by giving them instructions. But if personal foolishness exists in them, they wander out of the ways of the LORD and get caught in the net of wicked men. This young woman is one of those I have an eye on for special things in the kingdom having told me how the LORD was using her in her previous church.


The worst of all is, she would not have informed me if the man had accepted the pregnancy and they start living together. That is what makes me feel people are wicked to themselves.

She only informed me because, according to her, she is seeing death all over her. I did not see a repentant person but a person afraid for the consequences of her sins. Prayer will go on for her, but even if I pray, she has already destroyed her sanctity as a beautiful woman with no child or story, a thing that will never be recovered.

But let this be a warning to all personal foolish women. When a man decides to take you to bed before taking you to the altar to marry you properly, he wants to kill you.

I remember a few personally foolish women among us saying I am too strict on sexual purity , and that they will not follow the Bible based holiness rules I teach but will rather get a man and marry him outside the covenant of God for marriage, than meet me later and repent and have me pray for their marriages while praying for other marriages during the annual MARRIAGE BLESSING SERVICE.

I guess she is one of them, her plan just failed.

Sadly, she forgot that I prayed against the success of such plan in one of our services. Maybe she was not in service that day, because they claim membership but do not attend services faithfully like true members. Personal foolishness is the reason ladies destroy themselves like this. It is the reason people lead very rebellious lives, engage in things that have no eternal value, become wise in their own eyes and self-destruct.

Personal foolishness is the reason people will not follow instructions God give through spiritual fathers to protect them. It has destroyed more people than demons. One moment of foolishness can destroy an entire life and wipe away the results of the good deeds of a lifetime.

Stupidity is lack of intelligence, but personal foolishness is that propensity to act foolishly lying in the core of someone’s character. It can bring corporate destruction. For instance, for any lady put in a family way by a man who is not ready for family, the consequences are generational.


It can bring corporate destruction. Meaning, it could be in the heart of just one person but can destroy many people when put to work. A major highlight in our devotional text today says, “a companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Proverbs 13:20).

Sometimes Satan will surround a Godly and wise person with godly but foolish people to use their foolishness to destroy him or her. I call such people agents of foolishness. There are people who walk in wisdom and are not found of acting foolishly but are influenced by those who are foolish and unwise. They take sweet counsel together with them and end up destroying their lives as well.

You must understand how Satan use these people that I call agents of foolishness to ruin the lives of others and avoid them. They can be sent into our lives to stop the flow of God or kill, steal, and destroy.

In as much as we need people in our lives, one prayer you must always pray for yourself is “LORD, do not allow me to get stuck to foolish people. Do not allow the enemy to plant them in my life. Do not allow me to hand my life over to a foolish companion. Let me not be a companion of fools.”

It is important that we always speak to the LORD to help us in our decision making processes, yes and even ask Him to give us spiritual parents and the humility to listen to them especially during transition periods of life, like marital transitions, because a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

As a marriage minister, when I investigate some marriages today, I see wise and great people married to fools. I see companions of fools everywhere called husbands or wives. I see women that foolishness will not let to be submissive to their husbands but are submissive to their mothers or pastors.

I see foolish men who love their mothers or siblings more than their wives. Not knowing that your mother maybe your mother but you cannot have a child by her hands.

You can only have a child by your wife’s hand. And that your siblings may be your siblings, but they cannot help you perpetuate on the face of the earth, only your wife can. It is because of these things that a man is considered stupid and foolish before God if he loves his mother or siblings more than his wife. Moreover, the earth will judge him severely.


Sadly, the foolishness of women who refuse to submit to their good husbands and husbands who love their mothers or siblings more than their wives creates a sense of satisfaction in the trouble they create for their spouses. And when you rebuke them of their wickedness and point their foolishness to them, they do not accept what you are saying.

Truly it is an abomination for a fool to depart from evil as the scriptures says. These foolish men and women will continue in their evil despite wise counsels, repercussions, and rebukes, until their marriages die and becomes a corpse.

A companion of fools shall be destroyed! That is why marriage has become more of “a weapon of destiny destruction” than what God created it to be in the life of so many. You see great and glorious destinies placed in the hands of foolish men and women through marriage. Your life will indeed be filled with unquenchable troubles if you are married to a fool.

This glorious day God wants you to check who you have in your life. Do not limit the check to marriage. Look into the network of your friends. Look into your church.

Is your pastor a fool? There are foolish preachers everywhere today who does nothing but breeds eternal destruction into the lives of people. One man called me yesterday reporting to me of how his pastor goes to his home when he is away to speak to his wife and poison her against him. Sad! Maybe he wants to sleep with the foolish woman who entertain such nonsense against her husband.

Should a pastor do that? His jurisdiction remains the pulpit not people’s homes. There are foolish pastors too.


Are those you call elders in your church fools? Are they men and women who can conspire against ministers of the gospel to destroy their works because they will not bow to some carnal demands? I once served under such elders as a young pastor, so I know what I am “talking” about. The Bible says a companion of fools shall be destroyed!

If there is perpetual destruction in your life, and you know you are not engaged in anything foolish, check those you are yoked together with either spiritually, socially, mentally, or in marriage. Check those you keep close to your heart; you might find a fool among them.

I fool betrays people in confident whispers.

I had some around me for over 18 out of the years of life and ministry and I suffered. My entire life and ministry headed towards the ditch and finally fell into it. I was left there stuck for all those years until I sent all of them out of my life. The year the last one was pushed away, my recovery began. From that day I have never known destruction.

A companion of foolish will not help you they will hurt you. The wisdom of God says, “they will destroy you.” Do not be too kind not to push them out. You can only love your neighbor as yourself not more or less than yourself. I knew these guys where destroying me, but my kindness could not let me push them away. I was too involved to do so.

If you allow the devil to take advantage of your kindness or mercy, he will do so much harm to your life with it. That is why divine wisdom urges us to “love our neighbors AS we love ourselves.”

Being a companion of fools because of your love for them is one way of loving your neighbor “more” than yourself. It will destroy you! I feel like going on and on, but it is a devotional not a book.


“To do evil is like sport to a fool, but a man of understanding has wisdom.” Proverbs 10:23 NKJV