TODAY’S DEVOTIONAL (Friday 28th May 2021)

Blessed be the LORD, who has not given us as prey to their teeth.

Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers; The snare is broken, and we have escaped.

Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 124:6-8 NKJV


The LORD has been our helper and refuge. He has been our all. Blessed be the name of the LORD. This is the day He has made, we shall be glad and be glad with it.

One of the major things God does to His own is not to give them to the teeth of their enemies. He has a history not giving His own to the teeth of their enemies. That is why whenever wickedness or personal sins ensnares us, and we call unto Him for mercy and forgiveness, He steps in to break the snare and bring our souls out.

I have seen Him intervene in my life and the lives of others, breaking the snares of fowlers and causing our souls to escape. All that happens because our help is in the name of the LORD. It is in His name, seal, will, ways, identity or presence that we find help.

That is why if you are far from all that His name represents, you will never come into the help you need from Him.

To eliminate the distance and get yourself planted in His name and all it represents, you will need the revelation of His word, His will, and His ways. Our desire has always been to bring this generation to the knowledge of God’s word, His will and ways.

This morning, we shall be continuing with the excerpts from the book “OVERCOMING WITCHCRAFT BY THE GREATNESS OF GOD’S POWER

Whenever I look at the content of that book and how some heretics and diviners who presented themselves as born again Christians, pastors, prophets and prophetess induced their captives to return the book to me, calling it satanic, I marvel at how wicked Satan is.

I remember a diviner who once came to our Church and tried to plant herself among us by stealth. She left when she was exposed. In her furry she sent a terrible letter to me and burnt the book. She burnt this great knowledge of the Holy Scriptures on matters of witchcraft packaged in a wonderful treaty.


Then she started telling all who care to listen to her that I was not of God. Imagine Satan, going to and fro through her to tell people that what is of God is now of him. It was a childish blasphemy.

In this battle for the souls of men, Satan will use even those you call pastors to keep you away from the very knowledge you need to come into the glorious liberty of the sons of God, especially on matters of witchcraft; predominantly the witchcraft in the church.

A husband once bound his wife from reading the book “OVERCOMING WITCHCRAFT BY THE GREATNESS OF GOD’S POWER” and sadly lost his life few days after.

Sometimes you will get to the seasons of the end of the days appointed to you by GOD to live on earth without knowing, and Satan will fill you with hate for what is of God so that you will not use those few days you have left to repent and save your life from eternal damnation. That was what happened to the man.

Friend you must understand that there is war on earth and be careful how you treat things that are of God.

As we continue the discourse from the book this morning, it’s my prayer that God will use it to build you up and give you an inheritance among those who are sanctified. Amen!


One of the names of God that manifest whenever He wants to save people from witchcraft and related forms of captivity as the glorious God, is the name “LORD, GOD Almighty” or simply put “Jehovah.”

The manifestation of any of the 300 names of God is determined by His will and what He intends to do at an immediate present. It, most times, results in captivity termination or faith bosting. I saw this when He wanted to bring Israel out of Egypt. He said to Moses,

And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them. Exodus 6:3 KJV

He appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as “God Almighty,” but by His name Jehovah (or LORD God, Almighty) He was not known to them. He did that because that was the manifestation that Abraham needed to step into relationship with Him and begin a journey that would become part of His redemptive plans for mankind.

When any of the 300 names of GOD is made manifest, it has a way of bringing us into a dimension in God. It has a way of either making us part of, or re enforcing our commitment to be part of God’s redemptive plans for mankind. You must understand that.

No one continuous with a life that is not aligned with God’s will and ways after experiencing the manifestation of any of the 300 names of God. That is why Satan do not want that to happen. He hates the revelation of the 300 names of God because it is through the revelation that we step into the manifestation.

Because the principle is the same, he will prefer the so called deliverance ministers, teaching people what they call demonology, and helping them know the names of all kinds of demons and what they do. He knows it is through the revelation of the invisible that human spirits come into the manifestation of the invisible.

He will prefer them experiencing the manifestation of demons rather than the manifestation of GOD. But as outlined in the book, OVERCOMING WITCHCRAFT BY THE GREATNESS OF GOD’S POWER, God will manifest Himself as the glorious God to help you against witchcraft.

GOD had manifested to Abraham as the glorious God in His name “God Almighty” to separate Abraham from Idols (or black witchcraft), and extended the same manifestation to Isaac and Jacob to make Himself real to them, but by His name “Jehovah” or “LORD, God Almighty” He was not known to them.

Israel saw Him as Jehovah because Moses and Israel needed that revelation having been held down by the wizard called Pharaoh, and the witchcraft of Egypt described by God as the gods of Egypt.

Many in Church today do not know that pharaoh was a wizard that was worshipped as the son of the sun god. That was why he and his magicians were able to match every miracle Moses did by the hands of the LORD until they gave up!


The Bible says,

“The magicians tried by their enchantments and secret arts to bring forth gnats or mosquitoes, but they could not; and there were gnats or mosquitoes on man and beast.

Then the magicians said to Pharaoh, this is the finger of God! But Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and strong and he would not listen to them, just as the Lord had said.” Exodus 8:18-19 AMP

They were able to counterfeit plague after plague until they got to this one. Child of God, if you walk with God closely, you will come to realms with Him where the enemy that is running after you to frustrate the things of God in your life will no longer be able to catch up with you.

For Israel in Egypt, they were not just in the grip of a man or nation. They were under the grip of witchcraft. That is why God did not send Moses to be a political freedom fighter for them. He sent him there as a prophet to be His prophetic finger that brought them out.

You will discover in the book OVERCOMING WITCHCRAFT BY THE GREATNESS OF GOD’S POWER that God’s ideal instrument for dealing with witchcraft in any of its form is His prophetic and apostolic graces. The Bible says,

“By a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was preserved.” Hosea 12:13 NKJV

If Israel was just in the hands of a man that had nothing to do with witchcraft, God would have sent a political freedom fighter. But He sent a prophet because what was holding Israel down was witchcraft. He would later say to Moses in the night of His last blow on the witchcrafts and the nation of Egypt;

‘For I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night, and will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the Lord.

Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you are. And when I see the blood, I will pass over you; and the plague shall not be on you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.” Exodus 12:12-13 NKJV

Actually the glorious God that manifested that night as Jehovah was Jesus Christ in His pre-incarnate form. Whenever GOD moves as Jehovah, He executes written judgments against evil works. He said to Moses, “I will execute judgment: I am the LORD.” If you are in any form of captivity, this is your rhema also.

I believe He is saying the same thing to you this moment, “I will execute Judgment: I am the LORD.” Now follow us to the next chapter so we can uncover the bases for the execution of the judgment.

It’s important that you get your faith in Him founded on the rock of revelation so that you can see eternity invading time and God breaking out to cut off witchcraft from your life!