“With his mouth, the hypocrite can ruin his neighbor, but by knowledge, the righteous are delivered.

When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; and when the wicked perish, there is joy. By the blessing of the upright, a city is raised up; but the words of the wicked tear it down.

He who belittles another lacks good sense, whereas a person of discernment stays silent. A gossip goes around revealing secrets, but a trustworthy person keeps a confidence.” Proverbs 11:9-13 CJB


We thank God for giving us life and for keeping us alive this morning. It is important that someone lift up their voice in praise, and honor the LORD with a song that tells how much he or she is grateful to Him.

This morning, God has a word for all of us. He said, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from His mouth! I believe there is a proceeding word this morning for us. I hope we are ready to eat. This word is not milk but meat, aimed at maturing us.

Do not forget, the Bible says strong meat is for maturing believers. Many have come to desire milk, and not the strong meat of the word, because they can’t stand it, hence the lack of spiritual maturity in the Church.

We are in the end times and the Bible says one of the greatest plagues we will see these end times, is deceit. We are not just facing hyper deceptions from everywhere, we are facing it from very unexpected quarters. We see it in our churches, our homes, and interpersonal relationships that people have invested so much into.

This is one moral cancer that is silently killing us all. In the Church circle, we are facing terrible deception from the many hypocrites we call Children of God. That is why many are under curses that have refused to leave them.

As we read in our devotional yesterday, the easiest way to live under a curse is to be a hypocrite. There are curses that will follow you if you are a hypocrite. From any curses that exist in your bloodline to the curse of failed relationships and marriages, to the curses Jesus declared on the Pharisees, and so forth, the list of curses that follow hypocrites is terrible.

I taught about this in 2018. The message is titled; “THE REJECTION OF GOD’S MERCY, & ACCEPTANCE OF SATAN’S VERDICT.” You can order it using this line; +254718894445. It is not good for us to be ignorant of the curses that will follow us when we begin to lead hypocritical lives as believers. This message will help you help yourself and others.

The sad thing is we live under these curses and blame our father’s houses or other things for them, instead of blaming our hypocritical lives.


Deputy devils are everywhere in many Churches. They make the devil even scream at their lies and hypocritical lives. When Satan screams at your lies and hypocritical living, curses will break out in it. No matter how you look at it, hypocrisy is the reason for the much demonic oppression in the present Church.

It is the reason for the divisions and irreconcilable differences. It has rendered the power and mercy of God useless in the lives of many. Like I said yesterday, I am yet to find a place in the scriptures where Jesus healed or delivered a hypocrite from the hands of the devil. They cannot be delivered no matter how much time you spend in prayer asking Him to do.

It has frustrated genuine men and women of God who meant well for the souls of the lost and dying. As I shared yesterday, it is one of the trouble waters that the Holy Ghost will have to greatly help believers of today to navigate through.

So many lives are being destroyed by hypocrisy than anything else. Men and women in marriages are being destroyed by hypocritical spouses. Marriages are breaking down like biscuits by the second because of terrible hypocritical living. Finances are breaking down by the force of hypocritical living. Nations are being destroyed by hypocritical politicians and national leaders.

The Church is being turned into metaphysical cults, political parties, money-spinning machines and all kinds, by hypocritical preachers and all kinds of devils in God’s garment. You find hypocritical people defending terrible preachers even when their deeds clearly reveal that they are devils in God’s garment.

The destructive power of the plague of hypocrisy is beyond measure. You find hypocritical Church members ruining the ministries and compassion of genuinely called preachers and servants of God.

You find those who commit by mouth but tear you down in confidential whispers behind. We seem to have forgotten that God searches the heart, not the mouth and rewards everyone according to their works, not their mouth. Every action is a seed, and the harvest will surely come. We forget that the Bible says hand join hand no sinner will go unpunished. That is why there is no amount of prayers that will help anyone if their hypocrisy is the reason for their destruction.


As we shared yesterday, hypocrisy has a way of neutralizing the mercy and power of God either in a man’s life or in the lives of those who join themselves in him. That tells us what the present-day presence of Jesus Christ will never do – it will never prosper the hypocrite.

That is why a Church led by the genuine Spirit of Christ will never prosper hypocrites because it is God’s center of the prosperity of the righteous. The prosperity of the righteous is not for the hypocrite, because hypocrisy is wickedness.

So, a church led or governed by the Spirit of Christ will never prosper a hypocrite. It is a Church led by the anti-Christ that will prosper hypocrites, with the prosperity of the wicked. I think the time has come for our generation to know what Jesus will never do.

Jesus will never bless or prosper a hypocrite. He or she will struggle and struggle until they become upright. When you see any hypocrite in prosperity, the LORD is not the one behind it, the antichrist or Babylon is behind it.

Sadly, most of them will stand to testify in Church that God gave it to them, deceiving the righteous by giving credit to God while God is not behind it. The words of Christ on every hypocrite remain “Woe unto you”. That is why they move from peril to peril.

The sad thing is, because of Satan’s desire to take as many as he can to the lake of fire along with him, he comes into a church system to do whatever Jesus will never do. He prospers the hypocrites. He does it through the false Christ in so many Churches.

The explosions of the work of a hypocrite can sometimes be likened to the explosion of the atomic bomb that hit Japan many years ago. That atomic bomb paralyzed the military might of that nation and made where it fell unfruitful. That is why Satan uses them.

He uses them to paralyze God’s kingdom’s advanced activities and to render God’s work unfruitful. He uses hypocrites to give God’s genuine teaching apostles and prophets a bad name, to turn hearts away from them so that they will not listen to the messages God sent by their hands.

Our devotional text says; “With his mouth, the hypocrite can ruin his neighbor, but by knowledge, the righteous are delivered.” There are preachers raised to deliver the wicked from their wickedness, and there are those God raised to secure the righteous on paths of eternal life so that they will not lose their salvation.

Both are usually surrounded by hypocrites. But like we shared yesterday, it is very dangerous to be used by the Devil, because the same devil will destroy you.


He will use you and then break you after he has finished using you. Only God will use you and bless you. And trust me, God does not use hypocrites, except to judge fellow hypocrites. Our devotional text is indeed full of truths on the dangerous capabilities of hypocrites.

Another verse says, “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; and when the wicked perish, there is joy. By the blessing of the upright, a city is raised up; but the words of the wicked tear it down.” Apart from the influence of the words and personalities of political leaders, this is also talking about the capabilities of the hypocrites.

The prosperity of the righteous makes a city, Church, family, or nation rejoice. But that of the hypocrites makes a city, family or church groan in pain. By the blessing of the upright, Cities and the people living in them, Churches and those who belong to them, or families and individual members of that home, are raised. But by the prosperity of the hypocrite, they can all be brought down.

Another verse in our devotional text said, “A gossip goes around revealing secrets, but a trustworthy person keeps confidence.” One of the most dangerous postures of a hypocrite is when he appears to be one who hates gossip but goes about revealing secrets. They will scoop all confidential matters they can scoop from you, swearing to keep their mouths shut, only for them to go out there filling the ears of even those who are not interested, with the stories they swore to keep.

No hypocrite has been proven to be trustworthy. Even God does not entrust them with His presence, so why should you entrust them with yours? What God does, is unveil them, and as He unveils them, it delivers those who are influenced by them. Helping them to cut ties where necessary.


But their calmness is a camouflage. It is the manifestation of the chameleon spirit and lives in their hearts. The chameleon spirit is a spirit that agrees with everyone either good or bad. It adapts to all circumstances and adjusts to or aligns with either moral or immoral character. It will meet the upright and act upright, and meet the wicked and be wicked.

The chameleon spirit sits enthroned in so many hearts in the Church today. I remember someone sitting before me to frown at a sexual sin one person committed, and later sitting before the person to say, “We are all sinners, God will forgive you also.” I was shocked. That is the chameleon spirit.

He came to me and behaved like an upright person and went over there to truly be who he is – that is how one with the chameleon spirit operates. He or she will sit before you to denounce people’s sins, and then go to the same people to accommodate the very sins they denounced before you. It’s really saddening how this spirit is ruining our lives!

Personally, I have cut many ties with people because of this scourge and will keep doing so. I have my own spiritual burdens to deal with, and will not want anyone to add to them.

I encourage you to go watch a message on our YouTube Channel (PRESENT TRUTH FOR PRESENT TIMES), preached weeks ago on the chameleon spirit. You will be equipped to neutralize this spirit. There is so much about this that we cannot cover in a devotional.
May the LORD protect us from the hypocrisy of the present crop of Christians and help us not to be carried away. AMEN


“And the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy.” Galatians 2:13 NKJV