“For You have forsaken Your people, the house of Jacob, Because they are filled with eastern ways They are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they are pleased with the children of foreigners.

Their land is also full of silver and gold, and there is no end to their treasures; Their land is also full of horses, and there is no end to their chariots.

Their land is also full of idols; They worship the work of their own hands, That which their own fingers have made.” Isaiah 2:6-8 NKJV


We begin today by thanking God for keeping us for 161 days of this year. To be kept for even an hour is something very few on planet can afford if the cost was on us, humans. But the cost is on God!

Are you not glad that the cost of staying alive is on God? He owns and released the air our lungs need. He keeps our hearts beating.

He established a system that allows blood to flow in our veins. He made the elements and the food that are responsible for our well-being. He renews our cells on daily bases.

All of that and many more is done on His budget, which is not gold or silver but His mercies. We owe our LORD and savior Jesus Christ appreciation because these things are being done by Him and through Him.

The Bible says;

“For it was in Him that all things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen, whether thrones, dominions, rulers, or authorities; all things were created and exist through Him [by His service, intervention] and in and for Him.

And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together).

He also is the Head of [His] body, the church; seeing He is the Beginning, the Firstborn from among the dead, so that He alone in everything and in every respect might occupy the chief place [stand first and be preeminent]. Colossians 1:16-18 AMPC

This is one of the most beautiful scriptures in the Bible on the revelation of Jesus Christ. Sadly, most of us preachers do not know, preach or teach it to our members; since it does not have the capacity to steal their brains and make them redeem themselves as first born because it clearly states that the practice was fulfilled in Christ.

It does not support the use of oil in prayer or the revelation of demons which has made so many preachers rich. Yes, many of us prefer talking about demons and curses because that is what will make the people obey us and bring their hard-earned monies to us.


But the scripture contains the revelation of Jesus Christ, and until you come into the same you will never understand why your papas should stop using oil on you or on soils, and why they should stop talking about demons and what they are doing.

If you allow a preacher to fill you with such Nehushtan practices, use of oil, water, salt, sand, and etc. you will never be free from the oppression you met them to deliver you from. You will rather be diminishing bit by bit until you are no more. The reason is because the Bible calls the Nehushtan practices “eastern ways.

Yes, before the cross, people of God used them as types and shadows to be fulfilled in Christ. After the cross, every bit of it was fulfilled so none is still valid in God’s kingdom, especially in the end times that we are.

What the occult does is to adopt things that God had used in the past and abandoned, then use them to manifest the mystery of iniquity; the works and power of Satan that helps him to fulfill his vision to be like God before the people of God.

Satan does not have his own resources. He picks things that were God’s resources in the past to establish his works in the present, hence instigating the use of oil, sand, soils, water, salt, stones, and etc. for deliverance.

He needs preachers to use these things so that he can manifest in people’s life that is why we preachers use them. He needs the pattern of things that were, so that even the elects can be deceived.

Sadly, he is succeeding by the hands of those you call fathers of faith. He is manifesting as a god of deliverance, the way GOD did in the past, using demons of deliverance in the process, all that in their churches and prayer movements. That is why there is power but no transformation of moral landscapes.

Child of GOD, you will always be caught by Satan in his end times schemes to make you part of his army while calling yourself apostle, prophet, or born again if you are not established in the present Truth.

The eastern ways being used by your fathers of faith for deliverance ministrations are the very ruin of our nations.


It is what we teach and the patterns we employ in ministering to people that determines the spirits that manifest in a church service. If we teach God’s word but practice eastern ways in our deliverance ministrations, Satan will manifest as the god of deliverance. And many will miss it because their pastor just read or preached from the Bible.

Our devotional text says;

“For You have forsaken Your people, the house of Jacob, Because they are filled with eastern ways They are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they are pleased with the children of foreigners.

Their land is also full of silver and gold, and there is no end to their treasures; Their land is also full of horses, and there is no end to their chariots.

Their land is also full of idols; They worship the work of their own hands, That which their own fingers have made.” Isaiah 2:6-8 NKJV

The authentic power and glory of the LORD will be missing where Church services and preachers’ deliverance ministrations are full of eastern ways. The Bible says “For you have forsaken your people, the house of Jacob or the house of those who seek the LORD, because they are full of eastern ways.

Again, as earlier stated, the phrase EASTERN WAYS is a metaphor for deliverance patterns in occultism and black witchcraft being used to worship or summon the power of the almighty God.

The Bible says because they are full of Eastern ways, they now minister to people like witch doctors or soothsayers. Instead of getting people in nations filled with the Holy Spirit, they move into cities with prayer caravans to pour oil on the soil of those cities, like soothsayers did in time past when Africa was a land of idolatry.

No matter how true a man of God is, if he ministers to you using Eastern ways, the GOD of Glory will be absent. There could be power but no glory. That is why you will never have rest but rather be diminishing bit by bit till you are no more.

In Kenya for example, despite the annual or seasonal practices of pouring oil in cities, the nation’s moral landscape was still zero until the LORD brought some of us to cry His words of truth and righteousness.

Christianity filled with eastern ways is occultism no mater who is practicing it. It could be your so much cherished man of God!

Some people so cherish their man of God that if you tell them they are practicing occultism by their use of oil, they become emotional instead of becoming like the Berea Christians.


Our devotional text further tells us why the papas and deities we call fathers will not stop using eastern ways in administering their ministries. It says

“they are pleased with the children of foreigners. Their land is also full of silver and gold, and there is no end to their treasures; Their land is also full of horses, and there is no end to their chariots…”

The words silver and gold are metaphors of the economic might that has been gathered from these eastern ways being used in ministering to people. I know a Nigerian bishop who made 100 million naira in 2002 from the use of anointing oil. He was not selling it but asking the people to buy. And they were buying it from the church book shop. That was a smart move.

There are other words in our devotional text that needs to be understood. The words “horses and chariots” refer to the choice cars the users of eastern ways now possess; with some even using or having aircrafts for international journeys.

Their use of eastern ways has become a major source of income that they are now even ready to kill to protect the use.

The consequence of all these is on those Christ died for; those who attend their Church and not finding God but finding some powers at work and people falling and rising with no change in their moral lives.

Do not forget, the word says, “The LORD has forsaken His people because they are full of eastern ways.

If you are wondering why Churches are in Ichabod situation you have just found it. If you are wondering why people are restless and still under attack despite doing all they have been told to do by preachers, you have just found it – the presence of eastern ways.

There will be no rest in the lives of people when the LORD is not there.

It is when people meet the true LORD that they can find rest for their trouble souls. But when they meet what look like the LORD, they will keep coming for another douse of deliverance, until they are totally diminished.


The revelation of Jesus Christ is the doctrine of Christ.

Friend, If you want peace on earth; if you want Heaven’s glory to be beaming on your life from time to eternity, you must look for preachers who will make you a disciple of Christ not a follower of their eastern ways.

You must look for a preacher who will bring to you the revelation of Jesus Christ, and use it to train you on how to be a temple for GOD in the Spirit, not how to use the oil standing of James 5:14 and Mark 6:12-13. Jesus tolerated those Judaism practices which have been adopted by Satan into his eastern ways then because it was a season for shadows.

From Colossians 1:16-18, it is clear that our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ is the one responsible for keeping us alive and making creation to minister to us.

The budget of our well-being or our being kept alive is directly on Him, especially on His death on the cross. But the eastern ways enthroned in Churches are not letting people experience the fullness of this budget; the fullness of what He did on the Cross.

The full revelation of these things will be preached when we commence our in-house apostolic summits.

We have been on a journey of faith with the Cry of the Spirit on fear. One major thing that is done by preachers who hold the practice of eastern ways and their followers is the infliction of people with fear, especially for challenging their false doctrines and antichrist practices.

Most preachers who have called me on my stand on the use of oil by those who are called apostles, have tried to inflict me with fear. I laugh at their mental instability and ignorance.

The LORD also used their calls to show me what the believers in Kenya has been going through in their hands. How they have been inflicting them with fear to keep them in the cages they call Churches.

Professors of eastern ways do carry a special rod from Satan to instill fear on people not to question what they do.

Some carry it without knowing it. They use their foot soldier sometimes, like the ones sent to me. But if you will be a child of God this end time and join the army of those contending earnestly for the faith, you must learn how to be bold in the face of this wicked men and women, whose breath is just in their nostrils.

In closing, let me submit to you that we are in days of glory. Do not worship in Churches where eastern ways are enthroned. You will miss the glory of the LORD if you do.

It is the glory of the LORD that will help us get and stay married. It is the glory of the LORD that will keep us in health. It is the glory of the LORD that will keep oppression far away from us.

It is the covering of the glory that will watch over us. You must therefore stay away from eastern ways to enjoy all that GOD has designed His glory to deliver to us this end time.

One of the faith positions to take to stay away from eastern ways in church today is the position of contending earnestly for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. There were no eastern ways in the faith that was delivered to the saints. I rest my case!


“Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” Jude 1:3-5 NKJV